Back to the Start

It’s hard to know where to start on this journey of Gabriella’s birth.  I guess I should tell you all that I was pregnant before Gabriella.  It was very brief, but I had a chemical pregnancy.  I took five pregnancy tests and got one slight positive.  Yes, it could have been a false positive, but I’m sure there are many moms out there that just know when they are pregnant, and I just knew.  A couple days after the slight positive, I woke up in horrible pain and I knew what was happening.  I sat in the bathtub as the tears ran down my face uncontrollably.  Even though it was not a fetus yet, that pain was still there. The feeling of loss, of what could have been.  Little did I know that that feeling of loss would also follow me during my pregnancy with Gabriella.

We were beyond excited when we found out I was pregnant again.  Not only did I have that feeling that I was pregnant, I got three very dark positives.  All I could think of after finding out I was pregnant was making it passed the first trimester.  Many people said to relax and try not to worry, but that is so hard to do.  Thankfully, the first trimester was over and we could breathe.  We could finally tell EVERYONE.  The following weeks were incredible.  I loved being pregnant and couldn’t wait to see my belly grow.  The best experience was finally feeling our baby kick.  The first kick I felt was the same evening of our gender reveal party.  That was pretty amazing to me.  I am pretty sure she was telling me to stop calling her “he”!  I was convinced our baby was a boy because I had a dream that it was.  I won’t even get into those crazy pregnancy dreams!  You moms know what I’m talking about.

Gabriella was really active in the womb and I loved it!  At our 19-week anatomy scan she looked great.  This was the ultrasound that revealed our baby’s gender, and most importantly, let us know that she was looking healthy and on target.  A few weeks went by and I went in for my 25th-week appointment and a glucose test.  Upon seeing my doctor,  she told me that my belly looked rather small.  That’s when our journey began.



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